Woorong Park Carrier

J Wyndham Prince





Sydney NSW

The project involved the installation of a new sewer carrier to service the residential expansion and development in the Marsden Park area. The extension of the existing sewer network required the installation of approximately 1,530m of DN525 GRP pipe and 780m of DN225 PVC including modification and connection to the newly constructed SP1160.

The original design included bore shafts, manhole construction and trenchless pipe installation alongside newly constructed roadways of depth up to 11m. Of the 1,530m of DN525 GRP pipe, approximately 85% was originally designed to be bored however unexpected ground conditions prevented the progress of the drill heads and a process ensued to formulate a method and design which would allow completion without time implications.

GCC worked closely with the designers, developers and SWC to move mountains of dirt and redesign the project to open cut and install all pipe using conventional trenching methodologies. Bored section of pipe up to 10-11m deep were now open cut and concrete encased.

Despite the delays and major design changes, GCC was able to mobilise the crews and plant and complete the project and stay on program.

A difficult job but in the end a very satisfied and appreciative client.