The business was founded by Tiernan Quinn and his Father, Eugene Quinn, in 2002. 


For Tiernan, founding Green Civil Con was the culmination of a lifetime of learning at his Father’s knee. Eugene passed away in 2011 however, his legacy remains: the company’s ethos is one of loyalty and a deep connection to staff. This can be traced all the way back to Ireland, the family’s heritage, and Eugene’s grass-roots.


Our repeat clients can trust the persistent, professional and safe approach of our highly experienced and accredited team to achieve and exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on our objective to go above and beyond for our clients and provide better-engineered solutions to multiple infrastructure sectors including industrial, commercial, road and highways, residential, public, mining and power.


Our depth of knowledge and expertise in water, sewer, stormwater and large poly pipe infrastructure underpins all of our projects at Green Civil Con. With a skill set that goes far beyond earthworks and construction, we have a proven track record of successful delivery in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive market.


At Green Civil Con loyalty, integrity and adaptability are at the forefront of everything we do.

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